At the heart of my work is sustainable, traceable, ethical fine wools. The wools are sourced from farmers that care for their flocks to the highest possible standards and guarantee a mulesing free process when collecting fibers; so I can be sure of a fair and humane treatment of their flocks. Infact our supplier travels every year during sheering season, spending time in the shearing sheds, meeting the shearers and wool handlers and hand selecting the best fleeces for spinning. The farms are family run and animal welfare is important, not only to them but to me also.



My natural dyes are mostly from recycled sources like avocado and pomegranate skins. In the summer months flowers are abundant, in the autumn tree barks are rich and provide me with an ever changing palette of beautiful colour. Even with a practiced recipe the results can be a slight variation from the next making my days enjoyably unpredictable and the products always interesting. Small changes like soil quality, rainfall and water ph all play a part in this great adventure.




I am passionate about textiles and natural dyes when crafting a skein that is truly luxurious - my connection with the process is slow and meaningful. It's my desire to produce sustainably dyed wools with minimal environmental impact, supporting independent suppliers and British mills on this journey.


I learnt to knit from my mum when I was little. I learnt to weave and dye when I studied at university and now I'm so happy to be able to call this craft my job. I hope this is echoed in my wools and that you enjoy knitting with them as much as I love creating them.

Treat your wool with care and it will give you joy for many years. See FAQs for wool care.

Annabel Williams